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Comfort is Leon Guallart’s new album, distributed exclusively on vinyl, which sounds like a warm hug in a big snowstorm. Intimate pianos, choral songs, natural sounds, and Leon’s unmistakable falsetto voice.

The vinyl includes:

  • A textured red vinyl record, with 45 minutes of music.
  • A gatefold cover with thread closure, and varnished and embossed letters.
  • A letter sealed with wax and signed by Leon.
  • A booklet with photographs of the project’s imagery.
  • A unique strip of 16mm negative film.


Comfort is also available in the following physical stores: 


El Genio Equivocado (Barcelona)
Discos Paradiso (Barcelona)
Ultra Local Records (Barcelona)
Discos Redondos Barcelona (Barcelona)
Vinyl Club Barcelona (Barcelona)
Bajo el Volcán (Madrid)
Marilians (Madrid)
Discos Marcapasos (Granada)


Amoeba Music (San Francisco)
Soundstations Records (Los Angeles)
Nivessa Vinyl (Los Angeles)
Licorice Pizza (Los Angeles)
Guestroom Records (Kentucky)
Love Garden Sounds (Kansas)
Landlocked Music (Indiana)
Waterloo Records & Video (Texas)
End of an Ear (Texas)