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Born in Barcelona, Spain, Leon Guallart Díaz is a multidisciplinary artist focused in film and music, currently based in Los Angeles.

Leon’s journey took a transformative turn at the age of 20 when he retreated to a house near the ocean to heal from broken relationships and past conflicts. This process resulted in his 2021 debut album “UNO,” which weaves a tapestry of genres, including folk, electronic, orchestral, and choir music.

With his upcoming project “comfort” Leon wants to create a space for emotional security in adverse times.It is set to be his most ambitious and innovative, yet sensitive to the current state of the world.

Leon has composed music for the Contemporary Ballet of Catalonia, and he is currently collaborating with SonyMusic on a Christmas-themed album. Leon has also won multiple international prizes for his films, in festivals such as LA Film Festival, Chicago Indie Film Festival, and Venice Shorts.